Stationary bicycle

The stationary bicycle (also called stationary bicycle) is a gymnastic device that simulates the exercises of a conventional bicycle.

We can find them of various types, among the most prominent are:

  • Static “normal” or “vertical”.
  • The folding uprights
  • spinning bikes
  • elliptical bikes
  • the recumbent

In order not to pedal empty and to make the exercise effective, a brake is used with mechanical and/or magnetic friction. They also have a metal wheel weighing several kilograms that makes pedaling smoother. Normally the force and intensity increases as the force and speed that is exerted when pedaling increases.


Stationary bikes are designed to exercise at home, simulating a street bike. This is intended to improve general fitness, or simply to lose weight. In turn, the stationary bike is ideal for performing low-impact cardiovascular exercise, safely and effectively. Exercise bikes are also increasingly used as ergometers to measure power. Some of them (the most modern exercise bikes) are even equipped with electronic sensors and displays.

Stationary bikes are ideal for keeping fit without leaving home, as well as for improving and measuring power comfortably.